Weekend trips by bus (Vienna-Austria)

Travelling by bus provides for the opportunity to explore new places at affordable prices. By opting for overnight bus rides we save on accommodation and jump right into sightseeing on arrival. Modern buses provide comfortable driving and comfortable seats that can be properly adjusted thus making sure that one wakes up refreshed despite long trips. For those who would like to travel around Europe affordably, coaches are the best choice. In this series, we present the most convenient bus connections to the most popular cities across the continent.  The article also contains interesting tips and places worth seeing in Vienna, as well as popular restaurants. In the previous series we explored popular destinations such as  Berlin, Prague and Kaunas.

Bus tickets to Vienna

The journey from Warsaw to Vienna takes just 9 hours and 30 minutes. The Bilety.pl search engine can assist in finding convenient night connections. We recommend departing in the evening at 22:35.

  1. Warszawa Zachodnia 22;35 – arrival in Vienna at 8:05 am (Wiedeń Erdberg stop) – ticket price PLN 189.99*

Vienna – Warsaw by bus

Departing from Vienna in the evening enables us to arrive back in Warsaw by the next morning, allowing us to head straight to work or school. Bilety.pl has found a suitable connection:

  1. Vienna Erdberg 22:15 – arrival in Warsaw at 7:15 (Warszawa Zachodnia stop) – ticket price PLN 189.99

A round-trip ticket to Vienna costs approximately PLN 390. To make the trip worth your while, spending at least a weekend in Vienna would be ideal. It is a city lined by perfectly preserved monuments and one can marvel at the rich architectural designs the city boasts. Moreover, this trip also offers a journey through the centuries, experiencing a combination of history and modernity. This gives us further understanding as to why Vienna is regarded as one of the best cities to live in the European continent.


Are you looking to find affordable accommodation in  Vienna while saving some money for attractions? We recommend Arnes Hotel Vienna, which is in a quite good location for only PLN 160 per person. This is a very good opportunity, as room prices in the Austrian capital are extremely high .Affordability is a notable advantage, but it’s important to note that staying in hostels may require sharing rooms or using shared bathrooms.

What is worth visiting in Vienna?

  1. Schonbrunn Palace – A former summer residence of the Habsburgs with beautiful gardens. The palace witnessed many important events in history, including The Congress of Vienna.
  2. Hundertwasser haus – A unique house in the heart of Vienna was designed to bring out the idea of contact between man and nature. There are 30 trees on the roof and over 200 plants throughout the building.
  3. Hofburg – This place consists of a huge number of buildings, courtyards and rooms, including: library, imperial apartments and the Sisi museum. Even a month is not enough to see them all, but it is worth choosing at least a few of the most interesting points.
  4. St. Stephen’s Cathedral – he symbol of Vienna, with a tower that stands 137 meters high, making it one of the highest points in the city. It is worth climbing one of the towers or visiting St. Stephen, where admission is free.
  5. Belvedere Palace in Vienna – An ideal experience for art lovers as the upper Belvedere house has over 420 works of art while the lower house has beautiful gardens and a residential area.

Vienna – where to eat?

  1. Naschmarkt – This local market is home to a variety of restaurants, including regional eateries and pubs from around the world. You’ll also find typical bazaar stalls selling fresh produce and cheeses.
  2. Cafe Schwarzenberg – a classic Viennese cafe, elegant interiors and Viennese drinking coffee make us feel like we’ve travelled back a hundred years.
  3. Vestbu  Located in the atmospheric interior of an old theater, this venue offers traditional flavors and an authentic Viennese experience. If you’re lucky, you might even get to chat with the chef

Vienna has been synonymous with high culture and elegance for centuries. It is worth immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the capital of Austria, at least for a moment. Of course, we can do it on a low budget by using affordable bus tickets. Follow Bilety.pl and get great deals on trips to Vienna. Monuments, museums, art galleries, as well as elegant restaurants and cafes with delicious coffee are waiting to be visited. There most definitely is something for everyone in this beautiful city, especially art, opera and classical music lovers . Who wouldn’t like to listen to Mozart’s music in his hometown? Pack your bags, log in to bilety.pl and go discover Vienna!