Weekend trips by bus (Berlin-Germany)

Bus trips abroad offer the opportunity to discover new and fascinating places at really low prices. Using night connections not only allows one to save on accommodation, but have up to 2 days of sightseeing. For people who want to travel around Europe on a budget, cheap bus connections are a perfect solution. This is our weekend bus trips series, where we describe the most convenient international bus connections. To begin with, we choose the capital of Poland, Warsaw, as our base. We assume that we have a free weekend (Saturday, Sunday), so we will choose our connections to be able to see as much as possible during our short stay. In these series, we post practical tips on how to find cheap bus connections, accommodation and interesting things to do and see in the city. Click here to see our previous trips to Vilnius and Prague.

Cheap bus tickets to Germany

Berlin, being the nearest major city to our border with Germany, offers incredibly frequent connections from Warsaw. Taking advantage of the robust competition in this route can lead to affordable travel options. Opting for night connections is advisable to save on accommodation costs and allow for a full day of sightseeing upon arrival on Saturday morning. The bus journey from Warsaw to Berlin is remarkably short, taking only 7 hours.Bilety.pl will always help us find the cheapest connections:

  1. 23:50 From the West Station in Warsaw – arrival in Berlin at 7:00 – ticket price: PLN 119* – Ecolines carrier

Buses Berlin – Warsaw

We will spend 2 days in the German capital and return to Warsaw on Monday morning. Again, the most convenient connections can be found in the bilety.pl:

  1. 22:00 from Berlin ZOB – arrival in Warsaw at 6:05 – ticket price: PLN 119 – Ecolines carrier

For a round trip, PLN 238 is an extremely cheap offer that is worth taking advantage of. It is worth spending a weekend in Berlin, is not only a city steeped in rich history but also a vibrant hub of cultural events. Renowned for its dynamic atmosphere, Berlin is a city that truly never sleeps, offering endless opportunities for exploration and entertainment. Let’s delve into the fascinating array of attractions and activities that the capital of Germany has in store.


Securing budget accommodation in central Berlin can be challenging, but we’ve discovered an option that should meet our needs for a one-night stay. While  easyHotel Berlin Hackescher Markt may not cater to those seeking luxury, its a prime location and  has the essential amenities making it a suitable choice for our stay. Priced at PLN 128 per person, it offers a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Top Places to Visit in Berlin:

  1. Alexanderplatz – Home to the iconic TV Tower, offering stunning panoramic views of the city from Germany’s tallest building.
  2. Museum Island – A haven for museum enthusiasts, featuring five impressive museums including the renowned Pergamon Museum, perfect for spending days exploring.
  3. Nikolaiviertel – A charming area meticulously reconstructed to resemble pre-war Berlin, offering a unique and picturesque experience.
  4. Checkpoint Charlie – A historic site marking the former border crossing between West Berlin and the GDR during the Cold War era.
  5. Brandenburg Gate – A symbol of unity and a must-see landmark in Berlin, witness to significant events throughout the city’s and Germany’s history since the 17th century.

Berlin – where to eat?

  1. The Barn – Start your day with a cup of aromatic coffee and delicious baked goods crafted from the owner’s mother’s recipe.
  2. Curry 36 – Indulge in the classic Berlin experience with a taste of currywurst sausages at this renowned eatery.
  3. Belle Alliance – Delight in exquisite international cuisine paired with fine wines in a charming atmosphere, perfect for a leisurely lunch.

Berlin has emerged as a vibrant cultural hub, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences that will leave you enthralled. From art galleries to historical monuments and lively nightlife, the city caters to every taste and preference. Witness the birth and evolution of new trends and currents in this multicultural metropolis. Let Bilety.pl whisk you away to Berlin with affordable bus tickets, ensuring you don’t miss out on this captivating journey.

(*Please note: Ticket prices and schedules are accurate at the time of writing. For the most up-to-date information, visit our website.)