takes you on vacation in 2024

A special time of the year is fast approaching that everyone is certainly eagerly waiting for. This time is not only significant for tutors and learners but everyone who gets a break from the daily responsibilities. What a better way to spend this resting time than to spend it with loved ones and friends, engaging in activities you enjoy or discovering new passions. Many are already planning or wondering how to spend this summer. If you’re looking to do it on a budget, consider bus travel around Europe. Bus journeys allow you to reach fascinating destinations in Poland and beyond, often at a low cost. If you are wondering how to make this happen, then use to plan your next holiday.

In 2024, school holidays in Poland will start on June 22 and last until August 31. providing over two months of free time. This extended break is perfect for organizing bus trips to explore various regions of our country and beyond. While joining pre-arranged tours is an option, these come with rigid itineraries that limit spontaneity and the flexibility to choose your next destination. One has the option of picking those that are already organized, but these have a rigid plan. This takes away our spontaneity, the ability to decide about our next destination and, of course, the joy of finding affordable tickets on

Holiday destinations – over 300 cities to choose from

Thanks to our cooperation with many carriers whose systems are fully integrated with the platform, we have a wide offer of connections where everyone will find something within their budget. There are over 150 foreign cities available from Poland to choose from, as well as over 150 domestic connections, which allows you to travel throughout Poland, from the Baltic Sea to the mountains.

At the end of June, many carriers launch holiday destinations that will be available throughout this duration. We will reach not only the Polish seaside, including Karwia, Łeba, Koszalin and Kołobrzeg, but also the Dalmatian coast and Croatia itself. A direct bus, e.g. from Krakow to Zadar, will reach the destination in just over 15 hours, which is an excellent and cheaper option an alternative to car trips.

  • Ticket Warsaw – Karwia from PLN 86.99. Book now!
  • Ticket Krakow – Zadar from PLN 299.99 Book now!
  • Ticket Warsaw – Krynica Morska from PLN 88. Book now!

Affordable prices and free luggage

The mission of the platform is to compare bus ticket prices and choose the cheapest offer. Taking into account the fact that not everyone loves seaside beaches, as some prefer to hike along mountain trails, the tour operators provide an equally wide range of trips to Zakopane or the Bieszczady Mountains. Mountain hiking enthusiasts always need a little more luggage to take the right equipment on the trail. Basically, all carriers allow you to take 20-30 kg luggage, which is already included in the ticket price. Compared to low-budget airlines, where you have to pay extra for even the smallest luggage, this is a big advantage.

  • Ticket Warsaw – Zakopane from PLN 69.99 Book now!
  • Ticket Poznań – Cisna from PLN 99.99 Book now!
  • Ticket Krakow – Donovaly from PLN 69.99 Book now!

Night connections and sightseeing in European cities

Smart travelers have likely already discovered the advantages of traveling at night. Opting for night bus connections saves valuable daytime hours, allowing you to reach your favorite cities efficiently. Modern coaches offer comfortable, reclining seats and ample legroom, ensuring a pleasant journey even on long trips. Travel time by bus is comparable to traveling by car, but without the need for constant focus, allowing you to relax fully from the very start of your journey. What’s more, we save money on additional accommodation. Hotels can be very expensive, especially those in Western European cities. By spending the night on board the bus, we have a little more money left in our wallet, and in the morning we reach our dream place and can start sightseeing.

Berlin, Budapest and Dresden offer many tourist attractions, and the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are countries that are easy to get to by bus. During the summer, many cities organize festivals, concerts and open-air cinemas to attract tourists, so why not take advantage and visit the European city of our dreams. There are many to choose from and it is a great idea for a holiday trip.

  • Ticket Wrocław – Dresden from PLN 75.99 Book now!
  • Ticket Warsaw – Berlin from PLN 98.99 Book now!
  • Ticket Gdynia – Prague from PLN 140.99 Book now!

Holidays are the perfect time to be active, travel, and create lasting memories. For those seeking inspiration, we highly recommend the “Weekend Trips by Bus” section. In each article, we highlight fascinating attractions and activities in various cities, helping you plan your next adventure. We have already been to Berlin, Vienna, Prague, as well as Kaunas and Vilnius. Bus tickets give you the opportunity to discover many beautiful places in Poland and abroad, and you will always find the cheapest bus connection on We wish everyone happy holidays, rest, and to those who choose bus connections – good luck!