Terms of service

1. Preliminary Provisions.

a. General principles

The Regulations specify the types, scope, terms and conditions of rendering the Services by the Controller (Centrum Podróży Aura Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Warsaw at Aleje Jerozolimskie 144) via the bilety.pl Website, including the technical requirements necessary for cooperation with the system used by the Controller and the complaint procedure. It also presents the rules of intermediation in the conclusion of Contracts of Carriage by the Controller for the purchase of Tickets and conclusion of Contracts of Carriage with Carriers through the Service, as well as the withdrawal from these Contracts and other issues relating to the aforementioned Contracts of Carriage regulated within the Service.

b. Definitions

Carrier – an entity providing transport services under the Agreement and relevant permits.

Carrier’s Regulations – means the regulations of a given Carrier specifying the rules and conditions for the sale of Tickets of this Carrier, as well as the Carrier’s rules related to the conclusion and performance of the Contract of Carriage.

Contract of carriage – a contract concluded by the Customer with a specific Carrier through the bilety.pl website. Confirmation of the conclusion of the contract is the Ticket.

Controller – Centrum Podróży Aura spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Warsaw at Aleje Jerozolimskie 144; entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw, 8th Commercial Division under KRS number 0000129848, NIP 5220105005.

Customer – any entity using the Website.

Passenger – an entity entitled to travel on a purchased Ticket.

Payment operator – PayU S.A.

Service – ticket sales system on the website: bilety.pl.

Ticket – an electronic document in PDF file, generated from the Website during the purchase process, confirming the conclusion of a Contract of Carriage with a specific Carrier. The printed ticket is a document authorizing travel and is a confirmation of the Contract between the Passenger and the Carrier.

c. Technical requirements

In order to effectively use the bilety.pl website, it is necessary to have technical devices that allow the use of the Internet and a web browser that allows the display of web pages, with JavaScript and cookies enabled. The minimum technical requirements to use the Website are:

  • computer or mobile device with Internet access;
  • keyboard or other pointing device (which allows to enter text and select individual fields) to correctly fill out forms;
  • web browser enabled with JavaScript and accepting cookies;
  • active electronic mail (e-mail) account;
  • active mobile number;
  • program for opening PDF files;
  • printer, allowing to print a Ticket.

The Controller guarantees the correct operation of the Website on the five most popular web browsers, i.e. Chrome (version 58 or higher), Edge (version 14 or higher), FireFox (version 54 or higher), Safari (version 10 or higher), Opera (version 55 or higher) and their equivalents for mobile devices.

The Controller will strive to enable the Service to work on all popular devices and systems.

The Controller, to the fullest extent permitted by law, shall not be liable for any disturbances including interruptions in the functioning of the Service caused by force majeure, unauthorized actions of third parties or incompatibility of the Service with the Client’s technical infrastructure.

d. Controller’s responsibility for the provision of services

The Controller, despite the exercise of all due diligence, is not responsible for the non-performance or improper performance of the Contracts of Carriage by the Carriers, and such liability to the Customers is borne by the Carriers who are parties to the Contracts of Carriage concluded with the Customers. Carriers are solely responsible for the performance of the Contracts of Carriage. The Controller is only an intermediary in the procedure of concluding the designated Contracts of Carriage. This occurs in the name and on behalf of the Carriers. The Controller accepts payment for the Ticket, may refund payment for the Ticket in cases specified in the Regulations, and may accept statements of withdrawal from the Contracts of Carriage in cases expressly specified in the Regulations.

e. Carriers’ regulations

The Controller will make every effort to make the Carriers’ Regulations available on bilety.pl website. If not available on the Website, the Carriers’ Regulations will be available from the Carrier, including on the Carriers’ websites. If the Customer is unable to obtain the Carrier Regulations on his own, the Customer may ask the Controller for assistance in obtaining them. All information regarding the Carriers’ Regulations posted within the Service, including schedules and extracts from their price lists and tariffs, comes from the Carriers. The Controller stipulates that, despite its best efforts to ensure that this information is complete and up-to-date, it does not take responsibility for Carriers in this regard. Thus, the Controller stipulates that he provides only the information made available to him by the Carriers.

f. Changes to the contract of carriage

Changes in the scope of the Contract of Carriage, inter alia, hours, places, route, delays or cancellations will be communicated to Passengers as soon as the Controller becomes aware of such information. Carriers are also authorized to provide the above information.

g. Required documents

The Customer will be required to show at the ticket inspection not only the document entitling him to travel (Ticket), but also a valid document with a photo confirming the identity of the Passenger (in accordance with the requirements of the specific Carrier), and in the case of a discounted ticket, it will also be necessary to show a document entitling to a discount. When the Contract of Carriage is carried out on an international route, the Customer should have documents authorizing him to make this trip in light of the regulations of the individual countries through which the route runs. The possibility of presenting a Ticket in electronic form (PDF document displayed on a mobile device) at ticket inspection is specified in the Carrier’s Regulations.

2. General principles

The Website can be used by adults, but in the case of purchasing tickets for minors, all activities should be performed by persons having care (or parental authority) over them.

The Controller, through the Website, provides intermediation services in the sale of Tickets between the Customer and a given Carrier. The Controller performs other tasks arising from the Regulations and concerning, among other things, the return of tickets.

The Controller, through the Service, makes it possible to search for connections of given Carriers and to purchase Tickets for specific offered journeys. He does not charge an additional fee for this. All the information about the payment due is presented before making the purchase.

The administrator provides the customer with an individual My Tickets panel, which gives access to already purchased tickets, the ability to download purchased tickets, view purchase history and return active tickets. Using the Panel, it is also possible to check the Ticket and, in particular, the date and time of departure and arrival, check passenger data. The display of the route is possible provided that the data is provided by the Carrier.

The My Tickets panel is set up automatically by the Administrator at the time of purchase of a Ticket and does not require the Customer to perform additional registration procedures. During the purchase, the customer will receive in an e-mail confirmation of the reservation and a link (link) to the My Tickets Panel. When logging in for the first time, the System will ask the Customer to set a login password. To log back into the My Tickets Panel, the Customer may do so at any time by providing an e-mail address and the password set.

It is up to the Customer to set a secure password and the Controller is not responsible for the Customer’s sharing of this password with unwanted parties and the resulting consequences.

The Customer may at any time request removal of the individual My Tickets Panel by sending a request for removal to the email address poczta@bilety.pl. The panel will be removed by the Controller immediately.

3. Implementation of the sales contract

The Customer has the option to purchase a Ticket through the bilety.pl Website by:

  • searching for the connection of interest in the browser, specifying the place of departure, place of arrival, date;
  • selecting the connection, time and number of passengers from the generated proposals;
  • completing the data needed to purchase tickets, i.e. name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number (these are mandatory data), depending on the Carrier, the following may also be required: date of birth, gender, citizenship, ID document number;
  • accepting of the Privacy Policy and Website Regulations;
  • after completing the required data and accepting the Privacy Policy and the Website Regulations, the Customer will complete the procedure via the “BUY TICKET” button and will be redirected to make the payment;
  • payment will be possible by being redirected to the website of the online payment operator PayU, where the amount to be paid will be indicated;
  • After payment, the Customer will receive an email with a link to download the Ticket.

The payment must be made within the time provided by the Service, otherwise the purchase will be canceled. Payment should be made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the payment operator, which will be available after the Customer is redirected to make payment.

The customer can purchase a maximum of 9 tickets in a single transaction.

The purchase may be canceled until payment is made; after payment, it will only be possible in accordance with the ticket return conditions.

Confirmation of the contract between the Customer and the Carrier is the Ticket made available immediately after the purchase. It can be downloaded and printed.

To obtain an invoice, select the “Add billing address” option in the Ticket purchase form. The customer can enter the invoice data for an individual or a company. The final possibility of obtaining an invoice depends on the Carrier. The Administrator undertakes to provide data to the Carrier with whom the contract of carriage is concluded. When the invoice is prepared, the Carrier will forward it to the Customer directly or through the Controller.

By accepting the Regulations, the Customer agrees that the Controller may issue and send invoices, correction invoices and duplicates of these documents in electronic form to the e-mail address provided by the Customer.

4. Right of withdrawal/return of ticket

Returning the ticket is equivalent to withdrawal from the Agreement concluded with the given Carrier. Refunds are possible in cases expressly indicated in the Carrier’s Regulations, which will be provided at the time of purchase of the Ticket. Depending on the arrangements and regulatory provisions of specific Carriers, the time within which the return will be possible may vary.

Reimbursement: withdrawal from the contract may in some cases be subject to a deduction of part of the amount due, this will be based on the Carrier’s Regulations, however, this is excluded in situations expressly described in the applicable regulations.

Ticket refunds will be available through the Service or by email. Refunds will be made on the Service in the My Tickets panel by selecting the appropriate ticket and selecting the return option. Withdrawal from the contract will also be possible by sending an email with a statement of withdrawal indicating personal data and Ticket number to poczta@bilety.pl.

Refund of the price paid for the Ticket shall be made to the bank account from which payment of such dues was made. Refunds are made within 7 business days from the date of returning the Ticket. In the case of an invoice issued by the Carrier or the Cpntroller, reimbursement of paid dues will be possible after confirmation of receipt by the Customer of the relevant corrective invoice.

5. Complaints

a. Concerning carriage

Complaints about Carriage Services should be addressed by the Customer directly to the Carrier whose services he uses. The Controller is not authorized to process such complaints. Once the complaint reaches the Controller it will be forwarded to the appropriate Carrier.

b. Concerning services

The customer, in accordance with applicable regulations, has the right to submit a complaint. The Controller will consider complaints about the services submitted to the address of Centrum Podróży Aura spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Warsaw at Aleje Jerozolimskie 144, or at the e-mail address poczta@bilety.pl.

The complaint should contain basic information such as:

  • Customer’s name and surname;
  • correspondence address to which the response to the complaint is to be sent;
  • description of the objections raised;
  • the number of the Ticket to which the complaint relates;
  • Customer’s request.

If the complaint does not contain the above-mentioned data – the Controller will return the letter with an indication of the data to be completed.

Complaints will be processed within 30 days of delivery. The answer will be sent to the address indicated in the complaint.

The customer also has the right to assert claims under the provisions of generally applicable law.

6. Website rights

All rights to the bilety.pl Website are vested in the Controller, including in particular property rights, copyrights and intellectual property rights, including trademarks.

It is forbidden to copy the content made available on the Website.

The Controller does not exclude the possibility of using the service in cases where such use under the mandatory provisions of law does not require the consent of the authorized entity.

The Controller reserves the right to deprive the Customer of the possibility to use the Service in cases of violation of the law by the Customer, including: violation of the rights of third parties or the Controller through the Service, providing by the Customer data that are untrue or violate the rights of third parties, interfering with the functioning of the System.

7. Cookies and privacy policy

Information regarding the processing of data provided within the Service and related to so-called “cookies” is contained in the Service’s Privacy Policy, available within the Service and accepted concurrently with these Regulations by Customers.

8. Final provisions

The Controller makes the Regulations available on the Website free of charge, and the Customer has the option of recording the content of the Regulations by downloading them, recording them (saving them on a durable medium) or printing them at any time from the Website.

The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations for important reasons, i.e. changes in legal provisions, changes in payment and delivery methods – to the extent that these changes affect the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations. The Seller will inform the Customer about each change at least 7 days in advance.

In matters not regulated in these Regulations, generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular: the Civil Code; Act on the provision of electronic services; Consumer Rights Act; Personal Data Protection Act.

The customer has the right to use out-of-court means of handling complaints and claims. For this purpose, he can file a complaint through the EU ODR online platform available at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Each time the Regulations are changed, the Customer will be required to accept the new wording of these Regulations at the time of purchase of the Ticket after the date of entry into force of the amended Regulations.

The Regulations are valid from October 9, 2023.