Weekend bus trips (Budapest-Hungary)

The 2024 holiday season is finally upon us, so it’s time to use the summer and wonderful weather to visit new places that are on our travel list. It is during this time that European capitals are teeming with life, open-air concerts and cinemas are organized, as well as many other outdoor cultural events. The surrounding parks and boulevards are also filled with people. These are not only residents, but above all tourists. Isn’t it the perfect time to hop aboard the bus and hit the road to discover new places and create new memories? In this series, we inspire you to travel on your own, even if you only have a free weekend. We have many great opportunities, just buy a cheap bus ticket at bilety.pl and hit the road. One such destination is Budapest, the stunning capital of Hungary. We’ll guide you on how to travel to this city affordably and wisely, highlighting what to see, where to stay, and what to eat..

Bus tickets to Budapest

We can get from Krakow to Budapest in just over 6 hours. We have a great connection that will allow us to get to Budapest in the morning and save on accommodation. It’s all available on bilety.pl:

  1. Kraków MDA – Budapest Nepliget – departure 23:45, arrival 6:20 – ticket price PLN 122.99* – Book now!

Budapest – Krakow by bus

If, despite the holidays, we still only have a weekend free, it doesn’t have to stop us from traveling. The bilety.pl search engine will also show us convenient bus connections to get back to work in the morning.

  1. Budapest Nepliget – Krakow MDA – departure 23:15, arrival 6:00 – ticket price PLN 122.99* – Book now!

A round-trip ticket to Budapest costs approximately PLN 240 making it an affordable option for a weekend  getaway in Hungary’s capital. The city is divided by the Danube River into two parts – Buda and Pest. Summer is the perfect time to go on a cruise on the Danube or go to an outdoor event. Hungarians relish spending time outdoors in the summer, so there definitely will be something for everyone. History enthusiasts will be captivated by the city’s rich heritage, while those seeking unique and off-the-beaten-path spots will also find plenty to explore. Let’s dive into all that Budapest has to offer!


In Budapest, we recommend Equity Point Budapest. For a private double room, the price ranges from 60 to 70 euros per night. This is an excellent budget option. It’s true that there are no luxuries, but there is everything you need, and most importantly, the facility is located in the very heart of Budapest.

What to see in Budapest?

  1. Danube cruise – it is worth going on a cruise on the river and admiring beautiful views of both parts of the city, Buda and Pest. Interestingly, you don’t always have to pay a fortune for a tourist cruise, you can use the daily ferry. All you need is a daily ticket for public transport.
  2. Castle Hill – located on the Buda side, but with beautiful views of the Pest side – e.g. the famous Parliament. Fisherman’s Bastion or the Church of St. Macieja are just a few points worth seeing there.
  3. Buda Caves – few people know that under the hills and buildings of Buda there is a labyrinth of caves that are open to tourists. It is quite an unusual place, but it is worth seeing this underground part of Budapest.
  4. Gellert Baths – baths and swimming pool in the center of an Art Nouveau building? In Budapest this is absolutely possible. The entire building is stunning, with 13 different sized pools inside.
  5. Narrow-gauge railways – another non-obvious option for visiting Budapest are numerous railways – the children’s railway (Gyermekvasút) or the rack railway that will take us to the top of Buda.

Budapest – where to eat?

  1. Kisharang Etkezde – a cozy place serving authentic Hungarian cuisine. This eatery features only a few tables inside and the menu is written in chalk on a blackboard. Hungarian goulash here is particularly delicious.
  2. Drum Cafe – come here for one of several versions of langosz – also a typical day of Hungarian cuisine. Here it is served in sizes that will satisfy even the hungriest.
  3. Simpla Kert – a pub in a ruined tenement house where we can drink a beer and smoke a shisha while admiring the exhibitions of all the rooms, limited only by human imagination.

Budapest offers plenty of attractions at any time of the year, and in summer it is a place worth visiting especially. In addition to the attractions we have listed, you can discover plenty of them yourself, all you need to do is buy bus tickets at bilety.pl. Most importantly, thanks to the price comparator, you will find the cheapest bus connection to Budapest. If you would like to check what is happening in Budapest this week, visit Ulitmate Budapest, where you will always find current events. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer of cheap bus connections and discover the unique side of the Hungarian capital.