Weekend trips by bus (Vilnius-Lithuania)

Bus trips abroad offer the opportunity to discover new, fascinating places at a low price. If we use night connections, we can save on accommodation and have up to 2 days for sightseeing. For people who want to travel around Europe on a budget, cheap bus connections are a perfect solution. Weekend bus trips series, where we will describe the most convenient international bus connections. To begin with, we choose the capital of Poland, Warsaw, as our base. We assume that we have a free weekend (Saturday, Sunday), so we will choose our connections to be able to see as much as possible during our short stay. In these series, we will post practical tips on how to find cheap bus connections, accommodation and what interesting things to see in nearby places.

Bus tickets to Lithuania

The fastest way to get from Warsaw to our northern neighbors is by bus. There are many buses from Warsaw to Lithuania during the day, but we are interested in night connections. Last week we started in the beautiful town of Kaunas, and you can read it at the link. And since we are still talking about Lithuania, we cannot miss its capital – Vilnius, where there are many Polish accents. After entering bilety.pl into the search engine, we have a great connection at a promotional price:

  1. 21:00 From the Western Railway Station in Warsaw – arrival in Vilnius at 6:10 – ticket price: PLN 106 – Eurobus/Biacomex carrier*

Return from Vilnius to Warsaw

We assume that we have to be in Warsaw on Monday morning. On Sunday evening we have a promotional ticket from Vilnius again:

  1. Departure 21:00 from Vilnius – arrival 4:15 – ticket price: PLN 106 – Eurobus/Biacomex carrier

This is the cheapest offer among all carriers on the market. PLN 212 for a round-trip ticket. We will spend two full days in the capital of Lithuania.


For one night in Vilnius, we choose the highly rated Comfort Hotel LT Rock’n’Roll Vilnius, priced at just over PLN 90 per person. Breakfast is included in the price. The facility is located very close to both the bus station and the old town, so it is worth paying attention to.

What to see in Vilnius?

  1. Lukiški Prison 2.0 – an absolute hit in recent years – a hundred-year-old former prison and the filming site of the 4th season of the famous Stranger Things series, now inhabited by artists and open to the public. A place where cultural events take place, but also with many places worth visiting.
  2. Zarzecze – the favorite district of artists who created their republic here – the Republic of Artists, with its anthem and constitution, 41 of which can be found in this part of the city.
  3. Gediminas’ Tower – with a characteristic tower from which there is a beautiful panorama of the Old Town and modern Vilnius.
  4. Cemetery on Rossa – a necropolis with many Polish accents, a place full of history, but also extremely charmingly situated on the hills, which are worth a walk.
  5. Vilnius Old Town – with Our Lady of Dawn, the church of St. Anna and the literary alley. Walking through this part is a must.

Vilnius – where to eat?

  1. Bernelių Užeiga – Peasant Inn – here you will find traditional Lithuanian dishes at very reasonable prices. This pub is also located in Kaunas.
  2. Etno Dvaras – in the evenings, you often have to wait for a table, which proves the quality of this restaurant.
  3. Šnekutis – rural decor, a good place to try local Lithuanian beer and Lithuanian delicacies.

Have you been to Vilnius yet? If not, be sure to book your ride on sklep.pl. And even if you have already checked off Vilnius, there will always be interesting places, even from our list, that you can visit and immerse yourself in Lithuanian culture once again. Cheap bus tickets to Lithuania will allow you to travel at a really low price.

*ticket prices and schedules are available at the time of writing the article. You can always find current prices and connections on our website