Weekend trips by bus (Prague-Czech Republic)

Bus trips abroad offer the opportunity to discover new, fascinating places at a low price. If we use night connections, we can save on accommodation and have up to 2 days for sightseeing. For people who want to travel around Europe on a budget, cheap bus connections are a perfect solution. Weekend bus trips series, where we will describe the most convenient international bus connections. To begin with, we choose the capital of Poland, Warsaw, as our base. We assume that we have a free weekend (Saturday, Sunday), so we will choose our connections to be able to see as much as possible during our short stay. In these series, we will post practical tips on how to find cheap bus connections, accommodation and what interesting things to see in nearby places. Here you will see our previous trips to Vilnius and Kaunas.

Bus tickets to the Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most frequently visited capitals in Europe, unfortunately the prices of flights to Prague are often astronomical, and traveling by car is also a big expense, and besides, we are unlikely to get to the center by car. There are many buses from Warsaw to Prague during the day, but we are traditionally interested in night connections. The journey to Prague does not take that long – it takes about 10 hours by bus. After entering bilety.pl, we have connections:

  1. 21:00 From the Western Railway Station in Warsaw – arrival in Prague at 7:00 – ticket price: PLN 199.99*

Connections Prague – Warsaw

We assume that we have to be in Warsaw on Monday morning. Again, the most convenient connections in our search engine:

  1. Departure 23:00 from Prague – arrival in Warsaw at 9:00 – ticket price: PLN 179.99

This is the cheapest offer among all carriers on the market. PLN 379.98 for a round-trip ticket, still much cheaper compared to air connections. You can try different variants to save a bit, i.e. leave on Friday morning or return on Monday, then you will have up to PLN 100 left in your pocket.


For one night in Prague, we recommend using Airbnb, where you can always find cheaper budget offers. We found a very nice studio, Klarita, a bit further from the city center, but for only PLN 160 per person.

What to see in Prague?

  1. Charles Bridge – the biggest tourist attraction in Prague. You must take a walk on this oldest stone bridge in the world. A little advice from us. Go there at sunrise – you’ll avoid the crowds, and the bridge looks beautiful in the morning.
  2. Mala Strana – one of the most beautiful districts in Prague, accessible via Charles Bridge. Beautiful monuments of Prague architecture and tenement houses by the Certovka canal.
  3. Petrin Hill – a very characteristic place in the capital of the Czech Republic, where Petrinska Rozhledna is located – a structure modeled on the Paris Eiffel Tower.
  4. The narrowest street in Prague – it has characteristic lights because the street has one-way traffic (two people cannot fit there at the same time). You can enter the narrowest street in Prague from U Luzickeho seminare 24.
  5. Strahov Monastery – a place slightly different than the usual attractions described in guidebooks. It is located on one of the hills, from where there is a beautiful panorama of the city. And the second reason is the unique library inside, which is definitely worth seeing.

Prague – where to eat?

  1. U Rotundy – a pub with a real Czech atmosphere. Despite the location close to the center, prices are very low.
  2. BeerGeekBar – The Czech Republic is big on beer, and this is one of the best multitaps in the area. 30 taps, where everyone will find something for themselves.
  3. Nase Maso – a tiny place where dishes are served. You often have to wait in line, but it’s definitely worth it because the food is delicious. The beef cheeseburger is something you should definitely order.

It is impossible to list all the wonderful places in Prague. Prague delights with the number of monuments, beautiful views, and delights us with the flavors of its cuisine. You certainly have your favorite places in the capital of the Czech Republic or those that are on your bucket list. And remember that Tickets.pl provides you with cheap bus connections to Prague.

*ticket prices and schedules are available at the time of writing the article. You can always find current prices and connections on our website