Weekend trips by bus (Lithuania – Kaunas)

Bus trips abroad offer the opportunity to discover new, fascinating places at a low price. If we use night bus connections, we can save on accommodation and have up to 2 days for sightseeing. For people who want to travel around Europe on a budget, cheap bus connections are a perfect solution. We are starting the Weekend Bus Trips series, where we will describe the most convenient international bus connections. To begin with, we choose the capital of Poland, Warsaw, as our base. We assume that we have a free weekend (Saturday, Sunday), so we will choose our connections to be able to see as much as possible during our short stay. In this series, we will post practical tips on how to find cheap bus connections, accommodation and what interesting things to see in nearby places.

Bus tickets to Lithuania

The fastest way to get from Warsaw to our northern neighbors is by bus. There are many buses from Warsaw to Lithuania during the day, but we are interested in night connections. We will start a bit differently, instead of the capital of Lithuania, this time we will go to Kaunas, an equally beautiful city. After entering bilety.pl search engine, we have 2 night connections on Friday:

  1. 22:20 or 23:00 from the Warsaw West Station or 22:30 from the Central Station 04 – arrival in Kaunas at 5:45 – Ecolines line – ticket PLN 99* – travel time 7 hours
  2. 23:45 from the West Station – arrival in Kaunas at 7:15 – Lux Express line – ticket PLN 130 – travel time 7h30min

Return from Kaunas to Warsaw

We plan to return on Monday morning. We are looking for connections that depart from Kaunas on Sunday evening. We can choose from:

  1. 22:35 from Kaunas – arrival in Warsaw at 4:30 – Eurobus/Biacomex S.A. line – ticket PLN 106 – travel time 6 hours
  2. 23:45 from Kaunas – arrival in Warsaw at 6:35 – Ecolines line – ticket PLN 129 – travel time 6h15min

In this way, we can pay just over PLN 200 for round-trip tickets from Warsaw to Kaunas. We have 2 whole days to explore this charming Lithuanian city.


We are left to choose accommodation for one day. We choose budget accommodation at the Apple Economy Hotel, for only PLN 115 per person. The accommodation price includes breakfast. The facility is located in the very center of Kaunas’ Old Town, so we are very close to many monuments and attractions.

What to see in Kaunas?

  1. The Old Town – the pearl and the most important place in the heart of the city. All buildings were built in their current locations. It is worth taking a walk along the historic streets (Zamkowa Street or Kaunas Gate), visiting museums and art galleries, and visiting the local cafes and bars, which are bustling with life especially in the summer season.
  2. Park at the confluence of rivers – Kaunas is located at the confluence of the Neris and the Neman, and the park is an ideal place for a walk and relaxation, just a few steps from our accommodation. On summer weekends, many events, picnics and concerts take place here.
  3. Kaunas Castle – one of the most recognizable structures in the city. A must-see.
  4. Zalgiris Kaunas – the city is one of the centers of basketball, the most popular sport in Lithuania, and the Zalgiris team is recognized throughout Europe. So it’s worth going to the match.
  5. Kiemo Galerija – free entry for street art lovers, each mural has its own story there

Kaunas – where to eat?

  1. Bernelių Užeiga – Peasant Gospoda – here you will find traditional Lithuanian dishes at very reasonable prices.
  2. Castle Gardens (Pilies Sodas) – after an overnight bus journey, it is worth stopping by for a coffee. Great place with a view of the castle.
  3. Špunka – a great pub with a wide selection of local craft beers

For a really low price, we can take a short weekend city break in Kaunas. Be sure to add this city to your wish list, check out the places we recommend and add new ones. And most importantly, the cheapest connections can be found on bilety.pl.

*ticket prices and schedules are available at the time of writing the article. You can always find current prices and connections on our website