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Bilety.pl offers a wide range of international and domestic bus tickets, thanks to the cooperation with our reliable partners who make their connections available on our platform. We are proud of our carriers, their investments in development, constant attention to the quality of transport and coaches, as well as expanding the network of connections, thanks to which our customers can reach their dream destinations not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe. In this series of articles, we have the honour to present the profiles of individual carriers, show how they have changed over the years and what their plans are for the future.

Sindbad: one of the leaders among coach companies in Europe

Sindbad is a renowned coach company that has been providing high-quality transport services in Poland and throughout Europe for years. According to their website, the company has been operating continuously since 1983, first as Private Travel Agency Sindbad, and their activity on the transport market has been carried out since 2012 as Sindbad sp. z o.o. International coach transport became the main activity. Thanks to its offer, modern fleet of coaches and professional service, Sindbad has become one of the most frequently chosen carriers by travellers from all across the continent.


Over the years of dynamic development, Sindbad has gained the trust of millions of passengers, becoming synonymous with reliability and comfort while travelling. The company boasts a modern fleet of coaches that undergo regular servicing and are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure traveller’s comfort and safety. On the company’s website we can read that: “we have over 120 own, modern and comfortable coaches, mainly of the Setra brand, with an average age not exceeding 3 years.” This makes the Sindbad fleet the largest coach fleet in Poland. Each coach is designed with passenger convenience in mind, featuring air conditioning, comfortable and adjustable seats, on-board Wi-Fi, as well as toilets and electrical sockets. These amenities make traveling with Sindbad a pleasant and comfortable experience, whether you’re on a short trip or a long journey across Europe. Just as a well-equipped home makes for a comfortable living environment, Sindbad’s coaches provide all the necessary comforts to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Routes and connections

Sindbad offers a wide range of connections, both domestic and international. That  serves over 200 cities across Europe, including popular destinations such as:

  • Germany, including: Munich, Hamburg, Cologne
  • France including: Paris, Lyon
  • Great Britain including: London
  • Italy including: Rome, Milan
  • Netherlands including: Amsterdam, Rotterdam

With its extensive network, Sindbad facilitates easy and comfortable travel across the continent, featuring numerous stops and convenient departure times. Additionally, through partnerships with other carriers, Sindbad extends its reach to include destinations in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, and Belarus, ensuring seamless bus travel across these regions.

Customer service

Sindbad places a strong emphasis on quality customer service. On their buses, passengers can expect to find attendants who assist throughout the journey, providing information and help whenever needed. The company also organizes training for its drivers, focusing on both driving safety and passenger care. Additionally, Sindbad offers various discounts and promotions, such as reduced ticket prices to selected European cities on certain days of the week, ensuring that customers receive excellent value along with exceptional service.

Source: Sindbad.pl

Sindbad is a company that constantly strives for perfection in providing transport services. Thanks to its commitment to quality, safety and travel comfort, it has become a leader among European coach carriers. Passengers can be sure that their journey will be not only comfortable, but also safe, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone planning a trip around Poland and Europe. Thanks to the cooperation of bilety.pl and Sindbad, you have access to the full offer of connections, you can compare prices and find ones at a bargain price.