Our partners – Polonus

On the bilety.pl platform you will find not only international connections, but also domestic ones. It is thanks to the cooperation with our partner, whom we would like to introduce today, that you can find connections to many holiday resorts on bilety.pl, such as: Kudowa Zdrój, Giżycko, Mikołajki and Sandomierz. The company ensures the constant development of new routes and lines, so if you want to discover Poland again this year, it is worth doing it with one of the buses of our national carrier. In this series of articles, we have the honor to present the profiles of individual carriers, show how they have changed over the years and what their plans are for the future.

Polonus: national carrier

Polonus is one of the most recognizable carriers in Poland, offering tickets for connections both within the country and abroad. It comes from the State Motor Transport company established just after World War II. The strategic Polish carrier is a State Treasury company. Polonus has undergone many changes, adapting to the dynamically changing needs of the transport market. Despite the passage of time, the company has always stuck to its fundamental values, such as reliability, professionalism and customer care.


The Polonus fleet consists of modern coaches that meet the highest standards of safety and comfort. All vehicles are regularly serviced and subject to rigorous technical inspections. Thanks to this, passengers can be sure that they are traveling in safe conditions. PKS Polonus coaches are equipped with standard WIFI and modules enabling their geolocation. Thanks to this functionality, you can constantly track the location of buses on route. In 2018, the company underwent marketing changes, which resulted in a new logo. From now on, we can admire Polonus buses in beautiful white and red colors on the routes.

Routes and connections

Polonus serves nearly 40 lines connecting many cities with Warsaw not only in the country, but also abroad. Polonus offers an extensive network of coach connections throughout Poland. Thanks to this, passengers can travel comfortably between the largest cities and smaller towns. The main domestic destinations include cities such as: Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Białystok, Lublin, Rzeszów, Katowice and many others. The routes are carefully planned to ensure the shortest travel time and maximum comfort.

Additionally, the Dworzec Online platform launched in 2015, currently fully integrated with bilety.pl, brings together over 100 carriers that also provide international transport services. Thanks to this, we can find a lot of buses to Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia. Information about the routes operated by these carriers allows us to create not only a nationwide, but also an international timetable.

Customer service

Over 4.5 million passengers use Polonus’ services annually. Online, the passenger can change the date and time of the journey, even up to an hour before departure, making our journey extremely flexible. In the event of a change of plans, there is no processing fee. In addition, Polonus’ offer tempts with promotions, including: 50% discount on return tickets or a range of tickets for PLN 5, PLN 10 and PLN 15 for selected lines. Thanks to this, Polonus often has a competitive offer compared to other carriers, which of course benefits our passengers. Polonus drivers are experienced professionals who regularly participate in safety and driving training.

The Polonus coach company is synonymous with quality, safety and comfort in the transport industry. Thanks to its rich history, modern fleet and wide range of services, Polonus has gained the trust of thousands of passengers in Poland. Regardless of the purpose of the trip, Polonus always puts the well-being and satisfaction of its customers first, offering unforgettable and safe bus journeys. We are glad that Polonus is with us on board bilety.pl!

The huge number of partners available on the bilety.pl platform is a benefit for our passengers. Thanks to the offer of Polonus, we also add domestic and even local connections to the wide offer of foreign connections on sklep.pl. We are pleased with the increasing number of people using and choosing connections via our website. Thank you for your trust and we wish you unforgettable holiday trips!