Long weekends in Poland. How to plan a vacation?

Did you fail to take a trip this long weekend? Your travel list keeps getting longer and you want to find the time to tick off some of those places? Worry not! We are here to provide solutions and make travel plans for you until the end of the year, during which you can incorporate some vacation time. The best timetable is provided by the bilety.pl platform, which will also aid in finding cheap bus tickets to go on your trip. Let’s break down some upcoming holidays together.

Corpus Christi Weekend

Embrace the upcoming Corpus Christi long weekend with a strategic plan for a memorable getaway! With the holiday falling on Thursday, May 30, a mere day off on Friday, May 31, grants you a luxurious four-day escape until June 2. Picture this: sunny weather, sun-kissed days, and ample time off – an ideal canvas for travel adventures! Act swiftly to secure your tickets as demand surges rapidly. Now, let’s craft your perfect itinerary to ensure this holiday is memorable.

Church holiday and August long weekend

Mark your calendars for another delightful long weekend in mid-August, courtesy of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Falling on Thursday, August 15, a strategic booking of Friday off extends your break to a glorious four days, spanning from August 15 to 18. As summer in Poland reaches its zenith, seize this final opportunity for a domestic getaway. Whether your heart yearns for the tranquillity of nature or the vibrant pulse of city life, there’s something enchanting awaiting your exploration in our beautiful country.

Long weekend on All Saints’ Day

With November 1 conveniently landing on a Friday, there’s no need to dip into your vacation days for a long weekend. From November 1 to 3, revel in a generous three-day break, offering ample time to reconnect and cherish moments with your loved ones. Embrace this opportune occasion to strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories, courtesy of this extended weekend.

Independence Day – 3 days off

Just a fortnight later, another long weekend beckons, sparing your precious vacation days. With November 11 gracing a Friday this year, we’re gifted another three-day stretch. The possibilities are vast – from commemorating independence in one of Poland’s vibrant cities to indulging in a quick jaunt to a foreign metropolis. The choice is yours to seize the essence of this extended break, whether near or far.

Christmas – a chance for a very long holiday

This Christmas season offers a delightful abundance of free days in December 2024. With many already enjoying Christmas Eve off, simply adding December 23 to your leave grants you a leisurely six-day break. Extend the festive cheer further by including December 27, conveniently a Friday, and revel in a luxurious nine-day holiday stretch! It’s an ideal opportunity to shake up your usual Christmas routine. Perhaps you’ll opt for snowy slopes and skiing adventures, or perhaps you’ll seek the warmth of a tropical paradise, celebrating Christmas Eve under swaying palm trees. The options are boundless, awaiting your personalized touch for a holiday season unlike any other.

Long weekends provide an opportune time to rest and recuperate as well as change your environment. No matter where you want to spend your holiday, bilety.pl inspires, helps and accompanies you in discovering new places. Thanks to additional days off, you have more opportunities to travel. Book your ride on bilety.pl today.

How to organize your long weekend trip?

With our guidance on upcoming holidays, all that’s left for you to do is calculate how many leave days you’ll need to elongate your weekends. Picture your dream destination, then input it into the bilety.pl search engine to uncover the most budget-friendly connections. Keep in mind, early booking ensures cheaper fares. So, whether you’re yearning for a cosy countryside retreat or an exotic beach getaway, seize the opportunity and plan ahead to make your travel dreams a reality.

Beware of the rapid weather changes and ensure you check the weather forecast in the intended travel destination to avoid unpleasant surprises. Visit bilety.pl regularly, where you can always stay up to date and find inspiration for bus travel.

Why bilety.pl?

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Have a nice trip! Start planning your long weekends today!