Call the police!

Do you love Polish rock, punk and reggae? If so, you definitely must attend a unique event, which will take place in Krakow on January 20, 2024. Then, legendary artists who co-created the history of Polish alternative music will perform on the Kwadrat club stage. It promises to be a real feast for the ears and the soul!

A concert you can’t miss! Who will play?

A concert you can’t miss! Who will play? The concert “Call the police” is a tribute to the band Dezerter, who have been playing their music uninterruptedly for over 40 years, regardless of changing times and trends. Dezerter is one of the most important and influential bands of the Polish independent scene, who have inspired successive generations of musicians and listeners with their lyrics and attitude. At the concert we will hear their biggest hits such as “Ku przyszłości”, “Spytaj milicjanta”, “Jeszcze żywy człowiek” or “Nie ma nas”.

But that’s not all! There will also be other great artists on stage to contribute to this unique concert.

  • Pidżama Porno – a band that combines rock, punk, ska, reggae and folk into an energetic and original mix. Their lyrics are full of irony, humour and social criticism. They will play their biggest hits at the concert, such as ‘Ezoteryczny Poznań’, ‘Bułgarskie centrum’, ‘Twoja generacja’ and ‘Marchef w butonierce’.
  • Kult is a band that has been an icon of Polish rock for over 30 years. Their music is highly diverse and experimental, and their lyrics are full of metaphors, allusions and references to mass culture. At the concert, we will hear their classic songs such as ‘Baranek’, ‘Do Ani’, ‘Arahja’ and ‘Lewe lewe loff’.
  • Akurat – is a band that plays music challenging to pigeonhole, combining rock, punk, reggae, ska, rap, and folk. Their lyrics are often funny, absurd, surreal, and moving and reflective. At the concert, they will play their well-known songs such as ‘Do prostego człowieka’, ‘Hahahaczyk’, ‘Lubię mówić z tobą’ and ‘Pomarańcza’.

Why should you go?

The ‘Call the police’ concert is an event full of emotion, energy, and positive vibes and an opportunity to listen to great music, celebrate, and have fun with friends and other fans. It will also be an opportunity to express your opinion and attitude, as the event is also a protest against restricting freedom of speech and artistic freedom in Poland. The concert is organised by the Music Against Nationalism initiative, which opposes the rising tide of nationalism, xenophobia and intolerance in our country. During the event, it will be possible to sign a petition in defence of freedom and democracy and support organisations that fight against discrimination and violence financially.

How to get to Krakow?

If you want to join this extraordinary event, then don’t delay and buy your ticket today! Tickets are available on the Kwadrat Club website or at Ticketmaster outlets. Remember that the number of seats is limited, so take your time!

And if you want to save time and money, use the bus connection search engine offered on our portal The coaches of our carriers guarantee comfortable and safe transport to and from Krakow.

The ‘Call the police’ concert is an event to be noticed if you love Polish alternative music and value freedom and tolerance. It will be an unforgettable night of great music, fun and emotions. Join us and have fun with us! Call the police – because it’s going to be hot!