By bus to the All About Freedom festival?

Always beautiful and historic, Gdansk becomes even more fascinating in October. That’s when one of Poland’s most important film events will take place – the “All About Freedom” Festival. It is a celebration of filmmaking’s art, attracting film lovers and tourists from all over the country and abroad. Why is it worth visiting Gdansk during this festival, and why is a bus trip a great idea?

Celebration of Art and Freedom

“All About Freedom Festival” is an extraordinary event annually in Gdansk, Poland. This year, it falls on October 14-21. The festival promotes films dealing with autonomy, human rights, equality and diversity, among others. Sometimes, it is a challenging and pleasant event. Still, the selection of films allows one to confront the elementary values of life, such as the notion of freedom, which is also one of the historic Gdansk symbols. It is a unique opportunity to think about the most essential points of our society and the world through the prism of cinematography.

During the Festival you can watch Polish and foreign productions, the latest and cinema classics. The event attracts well-known directors, actors, and young filmmakers presenting their debuts. A shared passion for cinema and important values creates a unique atmosphere and allows for interesting discussions during meetings with filmmakers.

Why is Gdansk perfect for this festival?

Gdansk is a symbol of rich history and culture and a rapidly developing city with modern amenities. The festival takes place in various Gdansk locations with much to offer tourists.

Beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea where, if you’re lucky and the weather is nice in October, you can relax. A walk through the Old Town, full of monuments and charming streets, museums and art galleries, or regional Gdansk cuisine in climatic restaurants and cafes are just a few attractions of the bustling heart of Tri-City.

Go to Gdansk by bus!

If you like the comfort of travel, a coach will be the perfect choice. You can take your friends and family on a trip and have a carefree time with them, sitting comfortably in the spacious seats of an air-conditioned vehicle. In larger cities, as you know, parking can be quite a hassle, so by choosing to travel by coach, you can avoid hunting for a hard-to-reach spot. In addition, the coach is a much more economical means of transportation than an airplane, a passenger car or train. You can always use the money you save on the trip for additional interesting attractions or souvenirs.

The “All About Freedom” Film Festival in Gdansk is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of film art and visit one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Travelling by bus will provide convenience and savings, allowing you to enjoy the festival and the charms of Gdansk without the stress of transportation. Don’t miss this unique event and experience a fascinating trip to Gdansk for the “All About Freedom” Festival. Check out and book your bus connections to Gdansk today.