Bus travel inspirations

Bilety.pl – this is where many journeys or bus trips begin. Regardless of the purpose of the trip or the motive, many people are looking for cheap bus tickets here. Where and how do our employees and passengers travel? We have collected some inspirations, stories and experiences related to bus travel.

By bus to work in Germany

Mrs. Małgorzata takes care of an elderly couple in the small town of Bamberg, in southern Germany. She tries to return to Poland at least once a month, for a weekend or longer, because her husband and children stayed in Warsaw. She travels on board buses.

– I choose buses because I often don’t know when I’ll be back. Bus tickets generally remain at a reasonable price until the day of departure, which is impossible in the case of air connections – a passenger tells us.

When asked how she copes with these several-hour journeys, she replies that it’s a matter of getting used to it, and besides, the buses are very comfortable, and when she leaves Germany at 11 p.m., wakes up very close to Warsaw.

– It is also convenient for me that I can arrive at the station 15 minutes before departure, not 3 hours as in the case of flights. I used to buy tickets at the ticket office, and now, thanks to bilety.pl, I do it online and everything has become easier.

Discovering Europe by bus

Karol, an employee of our office, often travels by bus.

– I really like traveling by bus because only then I feel that I am actually covering some distance, moving around and admiring the landscape behind the glass. During my last weekend trip to Budapest, I was enchanted by the route that led through Slovakia – he describes.

Due to his work in the coach industry, Karol observes the market and tries to find opportunities for cheap bus connections. This is how he got to the FIFA World Cup in Moscow, with a stop in Riga, and also to New Year’s Eve in Kolomyia, Ukraine.

– Previously, you had to browse the websites of various carriers, but now, thanks to bilety.pl, everything is in one place, so everyone can find cheap connections abroad. We can compare which carrier is cheaper – he suggests.

By bus to Ukraine

Julia, who still often travels between Lublin and Lviv, talks about her trips to Ukraine.

– Everyone thinks that now Lviv is a ghost town, gray, where nothing happens. This is not entirely true. Of course, this is not the safest direction, because there are frequent air raids, but people still try to live normally here, she emphasizes.

As Julia tells us, every morning people rush here to work, and in the evenings the pubs and restaurants are filled with people. Many people who escaped from the eastern front line found shelter and a substitute for a decent life here.

– My grandparents didn’t want to leave Ukraine, so they stayed in Lviv. My mother and I went to Poland. We feel very good here, but every time we miss our homeland, we hop on a bus and go to Lviv – she adds.

Bilety.pl platform offers the entire network of coach connections to Ukraine. It includes all carriers that provide transport in the eastern direction. Julia has a large selection here, she can compare prices and check convenient departure times.

– There are still a lot of carriers to Ukraine, it’s hard to know which ones are leaving when. But on bilety.pl, all I have to do is enter the search engine and I have a whole list of connections, and I can also choose the cheapest one.

Our passengers have various reasons for choosing coach connections. Some people travel the world this way, some commute to work, and still others return home. Regardless of the motive, they travel by bus and, most importantly, they use the bilety.pl platform. We also encourage new customers to look for connections on our website, the offer is constantly expanding and we are adding new carriers.