Our partners – Ecolines

Trip to the Baltic countries? One company that stands out from the competition is Ecolines. We are pleased to announce that you will now also find connections of this company on the bilety.pl platform. This is great news for those who use the services of this carrier. This also expands our website’s offer to include connections to Eastern and Central European countries. But that’s not all! Ecolines also operates connections to the west, including to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and even France. We continue the series of articles in which we would like to present you the profiles of individual carriers, their strengths, and encourage you to use their services, of course via bilety.pl. Welcome aboard Ecolines!

Ecolines – transport leader from Riga

Based in Riga, the capital of Latvia, Ecolines has been offering comfortable and safe coach connections since 1993. Since then, the company has been developing dynamically, expanding its offer to new countries and cities. It is one of the largest operators of international coach transport in the Baltic countries. As we can read on the Ecolines website, their motto: “we know the roads we drive on and what our passengers expect.” Anyone who has traveled with this company at least once will certainly agree with this opinion.


One of the greatest advantages of Ecolines is travel comfort. On each route we will meet stewardesses who will be happy to provide us with information about our journey, stops and transfers. On board the coach, just like on an airplane, meals and drinks are served. The buses also feature a multimedia entertainment system that will make your journey more enjoyable. On the screens built into the seats, we can watch a movie of our choice from an extensive database or listen to various genres of music. Ecolines maintains its buses in accordance with international standards, ensuring passengers comfort, but above all safety, on every possible route. It is also one of the first operators from the Baltic countries to introduce a multimodal transport system, facilitating travel, especially over long distances.

Routes and connections

Ecolines is constantly developing its network of connections, introducing new routes and improving existing ones. Today, the company serves routes including: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, as well as coach journeys to Russia, creating one of the largest coach transport systems in the region. Currently, it offers regular routes to over 200 cities in 21 European countries. The most popular routes are:

  1. Warsaw – Vilnius – the route connecting the capital of Poland with the Lithuanian capital is one of the most frequently chosen by Ecolines customers.
  2. Berlin – Riga – a route that can be covered without transfers in just 19 hours, popular not only among tourists but also among employees.
  3. Kiev – Tallinn – the route leading through Ukraine to Warsaw and then through the Baltic countries is very popular, especially among those who combine their lives between these two countries.

In order to provide the most convenient connections and shorten travel times, Ecolines cooperates with local carriers in various countries, e.g. Autolux in Ukraine. This makes it possible to offer passengers flexible and integrated transport solutions that make it easier to reach even the smallest towns.

Customer service

At Ecolines, special emphasis is placed on the professionalism of employees. We have already mentioned the stewardesses on board, who are available to passengers throughout the journey. Let us add that the drivers selected to operate the vehicles are experienced and well-proven professionals. They provide travelers with comfort and safety on every available route. The prices offered are very competitive, and we can often find various discounts and promotions for selected routes, which makes traveling with Ecolines even more attractive. For those who often use Ecolines services, a special loyalty program has been introduced. The ability to choose and book our favorite seat on the bus for free is also a great addition and adds peace of mind when boarding the vehicle.

Ecolines is a renowned transport company that, thanks to a wide range of connections, comfortable coaches and attractive prices, has gained the trust of many passengers in Europe. Its commitment to safety and customer service makes it one of the leaders in the bus transport industry in the region. Regardless of whether you are planning a short business trip or a long trip, Ecolines will provide you with comfort and safety at every stage of your journey.

The addition of Ecolines to the bilety.pl sales platform is a huge success for us. After reading the above article, you already know why it is worth choosing. Just enter our search engine and you can check and compare prices on selected routes and see how the Ecolines offer compares to other carriers. Thanks to bilety.pl, you can be sure that you always choose the cheapest option. The most important thing is that you can do everything online, without leaving your home.