Easter travel by bus

Easter is a time when many of us go on trips to spend time with family and friends. Traveling by bus can be a convenient and economical option, especially with current fuel prices.

Plan your Easter holidays today

Due to increased traffic during the holidays, it is worth purchasing a ticket today to be sure that you will have a seat on the bus. There are many more travelers and tickets sell out very quickly. Especially if you are going on a long-distance trip or to very popular place. It may also happen that the carrier increases prices a day or a few hours before departure. Don’t delay – take care of a peaceful journey during this exceptional period.

Easter promotions on bilety.pl

If you are planning a trip this Easter, it is worth booking your tickets today on our website. We provide a convenient selection of connections and a price comparison of all carriers on the market. Competitive prices and comfortable buses will ensure that your journey is not only comfortable, but also economical. Let’s pay attention to some of the most popular directions:

Warsaw – Brest

It’s true that the holidays are a bit later for our neighbors, but many students and employees have the day off, so they can return to their homes. We offer buses to Brest only from PLN 125!

Berlin – Warsaw

For travelers returning from Germany to Poland for Easter, we also have cheap connections. You can still take advantage of cheaper tickets from Berlin to Warsaw, but you have to hurry! Due to the large number of travelers, carriers constantly increase prices. However, you can still find connections from Berlin to Warsaw for PLN 182. Other carriers have tickets for over PLN 200.

Lublin – Rzeszów

Lublin is a student city, so the prices for bus connections are promotional! Are you coming back to the beautiful Podkarpacie region for Christmas? The ride from Lublin to Rzeszów will cost only PLN 34.99!

Cracow – Lublin

In turn, for those returning from Krakow to Lublin, we also offer last-minute cheap connections. The connection from Krakow to Lublin on Good Friday will cost only PLN 79.99.

Bus travel during Easter is a common choice not only for our clients. This is an affordable option for anyone traveling during this period. Using the above tips, you can find attractive offers and enjoy a unique trip without burdening your budget.

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays, we would like to wish all our customers beautiful moments spent with your loved ones, as well as peaceful, safe and pleasant journeys during this special time.